Collections Cultivation

Understanding that a museum’s collection is the backbone of its mission and outreach, Amy Moorefield has worked collaboratively with museum boards, collectors, donors and staff to place important works of art in a variety of museum collections while stewarding their legacy.

Selected Permanent Collection Projects:
2020: Initiated an exhibition partnership between the Phillips Museum and the Pennsylvania Governor’s residence.
2020: Solicited and secured a significant gift of post WWII vintage photography gifted over seven years and includes Henri Cartier Bresson, Mike Disfarmer, and George Low.
2019: Solicited and secured several gifts of African art to the Phillips’ collection.
2019: Acquired with endowment funds two important Käthe Kollwitz etchings for the Phillips’ collection.
2018: Solicited several gifts of important American art to the Phillips’ collection including two Edward Mitchell Bannister paintings.
2018: Solicited a gift of several modern and contemporary photographs including work by Paul Caponigro and Imogen Cunningham.
2013-2020: Development of a series of spotlight exhibitions highlighting objects from the permanent collection with loans from collectors and museums.
2013-2017: Worked with Taubman’s collection committee to propose several new gifts of American art approved by the museum’s board including by artists Robert Rauchenberg and Thomas Eakins.
2013-2017: Curation of several new rotations for the Taubman Museum of Art’s permanent collection galleries.
2011-2012: Solicited and facilitated the gift of 150 original Andy Warhol photographs from the Andy Warhol Foundation’s Legacy Program.
2008-2011: Cultivated and secured over 200 new gifts of artwork for the Wilson Museum’s permanent collection from donors.

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